Section 7 - Duties of the Committees

  1. Legislation

  1. to study and report on all matters that pertain to the Unit Bylaws and Procedures. It shall be responsible for submitting such matters to the Unit Executive for approval prior to presentation at Unit General Meetings;

  2. to receive all resolutions submitted from the schools, Unit Executive, committees, and/or individuals;

  3. to present resolutions for the provincial Annual General Meeting at the Fall Unit General Meeting of each year. Such resolutions must be approved by the members at the Unit General Meeting;

  4. the committee shall be empowered to:

  1. read, analyze, clarify, re-word and combine resolutions. If the sponsor objects to the combining of a resolution, they shall have the right to present as originally submitted;

  2. return to sponsors the resolutions requiring clarification;

  3. refer to appropriate committees for recommendations requiring study or local action;

  4. to work with the Unit President to hold at least one (1) workshop to thoroughly acquaint AGM delegates with their responsibilities.