Occasional Teachers

Eligible for Permanent Hire?

Occasional Teachers who have completed a minimum of one (1) LTO assignment that was a minimum of four (4) months in duration, and, in accordance with 17.4.1, whose last evaluation resulted in a satisfactory rating, shall be eligible to apply for any posted permanent teaching positions.

This is ARTICLE 17.6.1 in Part B, Section 2 of the Collective Agreement 2019-2022

During the course of an LTO of four (4) months or longer (replacing the same teacher at one location without a break in service), you should request that your Principal or Vice-Principal complete a 4-month LTO Evaluation form for you. The form should not be completed until you have completed a minimum of 4 months in the LTO. LTO Teacher Evaluation - Your Principal or Vice-Principal can access this form on the Forms Portal by searching for the word LTO.

Your eligibility for permanent hire is also subject to the receipt of a Pastoral Letter or the Board-Approved OCSB Pastoral Reference Form (must be logged into your OCSB account to access). The document must be dated within the past twelve (12) months and indicate that you are a practicing Roman Catholic and are currently a member of the parish. Please scan and email your document to pam.styles@ocsb.ca.

Once OCSB receives a successful four-month LTO evaluation form and an acceptable pastoral letter or pastoral reference form, you will become eligible for permanent hire under the 65% hiring provision of Article 17.6 of the OECTA Central Agreement. Your name will remain on the OT Seniority Roster with an indication that you are eligible for permanent hire per Article 17.6 mentioned above.