Section 7 - Duties of the Committees

  1. Personnel

  1. the Personnel committee shall be composed of the Unit President or delegate, the Unit Treasurer, two (2) members of the Unit Executive who are not Unit Release Officers and two (2) Association Representatives selected by the Association Representatives at the first meeting of the school year. The committee shall work on the basis of consensus decision making;

  1. the Personnel committee terms of reference shall be to:

  1. make recommendations concerning the office staff, their engagement and dismissal, to the Unit Executive;

  2. make recommendations concerning the salary and working conditions of the office staff to the Unit Executive;

  3. make recommendations to the Unit Executive regarding working conditions and compensation of members on leaves of absence to work for the Unit;

  4. engage legal and consultative assistance as necessary within the mandate of the committee;

  5. make recommendations on other personnel matters, as requested by the Unit Executive.