Health and Safety

Forms you fill out

Workplace Violent Incident Report - submit as soon as possible
hen you experience any aggression or violence, direct or not, with or without contact, from anybody.

Accident Report Form - submit within three (3) days of incident
When you experience any injury or contact to your body, no matter how minor. This is a crucial step in starting the documentation process, especially in the event that it creates a medical issue down the road.

Safe Schools Report - submit as soon as possible
Employees submit the Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form when they become aware that a student may have engaged in a serious incident for which a suspension or expulsion must be considered.

WSIB Form 6 - submit within six (6) months of incident but as soon as possible!
When you are making a WSIB claim as a result of requiring health care, experiencing lost earnings, or time off. You will be connected with the Unit Staff Officer, as well as a Wellness Officer at the OCSB.

Forms others fill out

WSIB Form 7 - submitted by your employer within three (3) days of learning of the incident

WSIB Form 8 - submitted by your health care practitioner as soon as possible