The nomination cycle for 2024-2026 is now closed.
Members of the Ottawa Catholic Teachers Unit will be able to vote electronically from midnight on Wednesday, May 08, 2024, until 11:59pm on Thursday, May 09, 2024.

Elementary Bargaining Unit Vice-President
Erin Hagan - Unit Office
Patricia Stack - St. Matthew High School 7-8

Recording Secretary
Julie Cooke - St. Francis Xavier High School
Joanne LaSchiazza - Our Lady of Peace

Secondary Bargaining Unit Vice-President
Julie Guèvremont - St. Patrick's High School 9-12 (ACCLAIMED)

Occasional Teacher Representative
Maureen Wainwright - Occasional Teacher Represenative (ACCLAIMED)


The Treasurer position is currently vacant.

The Unit Executive will follow the Unit Bylaws and Procedures
to fill the vacancy.