Election Materials 2024-2026
Virtual Election Speeches: Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Click here for an audio recording of the speeches, and the question-and-answer period.

Erin Hagan
Unit Office
Elementary Vice-President

Hagan - Elementary VP.pdf

My name is Erin Hagan (she/her). With over a decade of experience working within the Elementary panel (K-6, Resource, Gr 7/8 EA), I bring a wealth of firsthand knowledge to this position. I’m currently serving on the Unit Executive as Elementary Vice-President, and have contributed on various committees as an Association Representative. I have consistently demonstrated my commitment to advocating for the needs of teachers. I am passionate about amplifying the voices of educators and addressing the issues that impact our daily lives in the classroom. As a candidate for Elementary Bargaining Unit Vice-President, I’m seeking your vote as I am dedicated to supporting our members to navigate the increasingly challenging landscape of our profession. If elected, I pledge to prioritize listening to your concerns and tirelessly advocating for improved working conditions and teacher well-being.

Patricia Stack
St. Matthew 7-8
Elementary Vice-President

Stack - Elementary VP.pdf

My name is Patricia Stack and I have been teaching since 1999. I’ve taught from JK-Gr 8 English, French Core, Extended and Immersion from Kanata to Orleans. Most of my career has been in 7-8 at St.Matthew HS, where I have been teaching for 20 years. 

As the Elementary Bargaining Unit Vice-President, I would bring a lot to the table, from my teaching experience to my extensive involvement with our Union. Through the years, I have been: an Oecta Staff rep (2004,2010-2011 and 2015 onwards), Elementary Councillor on the exec, Health and Safety Chair on the Exec (2011-2013),  AGM attendee (2012,2013 and 2024), Political Action Seminar (2013), Health and Safety Teacher Rep (2009-2011, 2013-2020), Safe School on the Exec (2012-2013) and Health and Safety Certifications (2010)

I was also on several Committees such as: Finance  (2012-2014), Social (2012-2013, 2023-2024), Legislation, Elementary, Safe School  and 7-8 Sub-Committee (2010-2011), Bargaining (2012) and the Safe School Re-Entry Sub-Committee on the Exec (2013).

I am ready to serve by being there for you and making sure that everyone is well represented at all times.